What is MY comfort mask?

In the new normal where we all have to go out with masks to be in public. The world has become cold and impersonal.

We at MY comfort mask don’t like this and have made it our mission to show the beauty behind the mask. That’s why we have developed MY comfort mask.

We take your photo and convert it into a beautiful face mask that is comfortable to wear and will show your smile to everybody.

Customize now

You send us
your photos

On the shop page you upload 2 photos:

● 1 frontal photo

● 1 photo in profile

We draw & design
your mask

Our designers convert the photos into a vector drawing. We design the protection pouch according to your preferences.

We print & sew
your mask

Our printing team makes sure that everything gets printed on a large tissue so that our tailors can assemble everything.

You get it
in your mailbox

We disinfect the mask before packing it an airtight bag and send it out to you in our beautiful packaging.