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Below we have gathered the most common questions we get. Have a look and if you still can’t find the answer you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long does it take before you reply on my email?

We do our best to respond within 24 hours, however during holidays, sales, and promotions, we receive more emails than usual. During these times it may take us a bit longer to respond to your email.

Please only send 1 email. Sending follow ups will push your email to the back of the queue.

(We run on first-in, first-out basis, meaning that the oldest emails are responded to first.)

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Is there a number I can call for phone support?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer phone support for our products. However we’d still be happy to answer your question via email.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Sepa direct, Bancontact, Sofort, iDeal through our partnership with Stripe. We do take the transaction costs on us. So there are no hidden costs.

We will try to accept more payment methods in the future.

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How are you packing the masks?

We use high standards of hygiene during the production process. Every worker wears a mask while working in production. We adhere to strict guidelines concerning washing hands. Before your mask gets shipped, we wash it at high temperature and pack it in an airtight plastic bag to assure the highest level of hygiene.

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Currently we ship to almost all countries outside of Belgium. If your country isn’t listed during checkout, please contact us

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Where are you shipping from?

We ship all orders from Belgium. All products will be shipped by Annick and Filip the owners of the webshop.

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I ordered multiple products in one order, can you ship each product to different addresses?

Unfortunately, if the products were all under one order number, we are unable to split it into different shipments

If you’d like the products to go to multiple addresses, you’ll need to place a separate order for each address.

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Will my items arrive together?

Products under the same order number will arrive together!

If the products were purchased under separate order numbers, they will arrive separately.

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My tracking is stuck on the first step. What do I do?

This often means that the package has not yet been scanned into the mailing system. Please wait 24 hours, and try checking again.

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My tracking number doesn’t work!

Your tracking number won’t become active until we ship out your order. It may take a while for the package to be scanned by the postal service. Please wait 24 hours and try checking again.

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Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number once we ship out your order. Furthermore we keep you update through emails throughout the production process so you always know what the status of your order is.

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Can I change the address on the order?

Yes, if you need to change the address, please contact us immediately with your corrected address and order number.

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What are the shipping times and prices?

We have one shipping policy.

Shipping times vary greatly due to the global pandemic at the moment.

Our shipping partner normally guarantees following shipping delays.

Belgium: 48h
Europe: 3-5 business days
Rest of the world: 5-10 business days

Keep in mind that these shipping times only start from the moment your package has been sent. Production time is between 7-10 business days also.

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Do you offer bulk discounts?

We are happy to work with you on your bulk order! Please send us an email at info@mycomfortmask.com for more info

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Something is wrong with my order.

 If your order arrives damaged or is incorrect, please send us a photo of what you received so that we can better assist in getting you a replacement.

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Can I change my order?

Changes can be made within 4 hours of receiving your order confirmation email, which is sent immediately after purchase. Please respond to the order confirmation email with your desired changes.
Unfortunately once the order goes into production, we are unable to make changes.

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Cancel an order.

Cancellations can be made within 4 hours of receiving your order confirmation email, which is sent immediately after purchase. Please respond to the order confirmation email with your request to cancel the order.

If it’s more than 4 hours, our designers have already begun working on it, but we’ll be happy to issue a refund, less a €10/item service fee. This is possible in the first 48h after your confirmation mail.

After that your item has gone in production and we can’t cancel it anymore.

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Return policy

As all of our products are 100% customized, everything we sell is one of a kind. Due to this, we cannot accept returns on reasons other than quality issues. In the case of a damaged/faulty product, we are happy to work with you to get you a replacement. In this case, contact us here and we will resolve the issue.

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How should I wash my mask?

To make sure your mask is decontaminated you can machine wash it on a program at 65 degrees or higher

Do not bleach your mask or bag.

You can leave the mask in the bag while washing it in the machine to avoid mechanical wear.

Take it out of the bag to dry and hang outside.

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Who makes my mask?

We print and sew in Belgium.

Our printer is a professional tissue printer firm.

Our tailor is a haute couture tailor in Belgium

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What is your printing process?

Our orders are printed using sublimation printing – meaning that the colors are printed into the fabric rather than on top. The ink used is on a water basis.

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What materials are used in the mask?

The masks and the pouches are made from 2 different materials:

Inside: 100 % cotton
Outside: 100% Polyester

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What size should I order?

To know your size of face mask, you have to measure the length between the top of your nose.

The best way to accurately measure is by putting on the side of your nose and measuring that way from the top of the nose between your eyes to the bottom of your chin as shown in this picture.

The resulting distance corresponds with the sizes in the table below.

S10 – 11,4 cm3,9 – 4.4 inch
M11,5 – 12,4 cm4.5 inch – 4.9 inch
L12,4 – 14 cm5 – 5.5 inch
XL+14 cm+ 5.5 inch

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Do you just do faces?

For the moment we only print your face on the masks as there are enough alternatives for making other custom facemask.

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Why do you need 2 photos?

We need 1 frontal photo and one photo from the side to make sure that we can make a mask that look the most as you as possible. These photos will be combined into 1 drawing that is used to make sure that the mask is life size.

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Are my photos good enough?

General info

  • Have somebody else take your photos or pose your camera for best results
  • Get the entire face and shoulders in the photo
  • Good consistent lighting on the face (photos close to a large window are best)
  • Nothing obstructing the view of the face (ex.: Hair, scarfs, Glasses)
  • Good resolution (standard digital camera/smart phone – doesn’t have to be taken by a professional photographer)
  • Make sure the photo is not blurry as we need a lot of detail to be able to make the drawing as accurate as possible.
  • Avoid taking a photo of a physical photo
  • Try to keep the same or a very similar face in both photos

Frontal photo

  • Take the photo as straight on as possible
  • Make sure there are no heavy shadows obscuring the face
  • Don’t take the picture from too close, especially with a smartphone camera as this tends to deform your face
  • Include the complete head and your shoulders in the photo, to make sure we have info to deliver the best results.
  • Make sure the photo not too bright or not too dark, so that you can see your face very well.

Profile photo

Photo in profile

  • Take the photo in a 90° angle of your face. so that we see your face in profile. see image above
  • Include your shoulders and your complete head in the photo
  • Make sure the photo not too bright or not too dark, so that you can see your face very well.
  • We only need one side of your face.
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing your face (eg. hair, glasses, earrings)

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Why can’t I customize the font and formatting of the text on the protection pouch?

To make sure your protection pouch is according to our quality standards and fits nicely with the whole design. We have chosen to use 1 font and limit the number of characters on the pouch so that it looks as good as possible.

Because we can’t use all fonts to print on products because of copyright limitations we have chosen to only use one font face.

To make sure your text fits very well on the pouch we format the text in the best way possible to give you the highest quality result.

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Can I see a proof?

Unfortunately due to our quick turnaround times and the process used to convert your photos into a drawing, we are not able to provide proofs.

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Can I send black and white photos?

Yes, we can use a black and white photos. However, this is also means your mask will be black and white. We cannot add color back to a black and white photo.

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Can you exclude the background of my photo?

Because we are making a drawing of your photos you don’t have to worry about the background being included on your mask

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Where can I see my size?

The size is marked on the inside on the mask.

There is an ID-number, the last letter from that ID number is your size

For example your number is 00021-00125-00025-03-M indicates that you have a Medium sized mask.

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Can I change the size?

Changes can be made within 4 hours of receiving your order confirmation email, which is sent immediately after purchase. Please respond to the order confirmation email with your desired changes.
Unfortunately once the order goes into production, we are unable to make changes.

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Found the answer you are looking for? If not don’t hesitate to contact us.